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If you are designing a space that requires custom made hardware that is made from precise measurement and materials we can facilitate your needs. Here at MetalCraft we take great pride in working with architects and designers to prototype or fabricate their designs into reality. Contact us today to discuss your unique creations and how we can bring it into reality.


Finishing/The Process
Everything In-House.

No matter the substrate, full finishing services are available and necessary in our operation. A saying we find comfort in, when working with metal you have to put the finish in, with wood you bring the finish out.

Metal: Manipulating natural oxidizing processes, patinas, paints, heat treatments, distressing, hand hammering, as well as evoking natural beauty already present in materials not wanting these additional processes.

Wood: Each species demands a different respect and therefore require different techniques and finishes. Natural oil and wax finishes on finely sanded or hand planed surfaces, custom and standard stains and paints, a spray booth for those large cabinet jobs and artistically flame-charred wood finishes.

Sealing and time-proof coatings: to maintain any patinated surface, it should be sealed with a UV and abrasion resistant top coat. Whether this is a natural wax that needs to be re-applied occasionally to lacquers providing years of outdoor protection.

Natural Finishes: Both Wood and Metal achieve character when left to age in the environment they are surrounded by. Greying Teak, Fading Zinc and oxidizing materials provide their own charm and are commonly catered to.


MetalCraft makes the time from concept to completion as smooth and organic as individual needs are met.

Complete design and engineering are available and commonplace. From staircases and furniture to industrial equipment we work closely with our clients to provide attention necessary to completing any task.

Some clients already have ideas, drawings and concepts they would like to implicate while working with us. We are capable and comfortable working from Architectural drawings, shop drawings, conceptual drawings, or even a quick sketch on a napkin


For architectural projects that require scheduling with other tradesmen, site visits, templating, through to a complete installation; MetalCraft prefers to handle our work. Initial site visits are performed by one or both of the owners, and signed off by the same at finish. We stand behind our work.

Willing to travel anywhere as needed, we've worked all over the US and parts of Canada for specialty jobs and commonly travel from Manhattan to Boston and everything nearby.

metal steel fabrication custom fabricated stairs made of glass metal and wood
Precision door and
hardware fabrication
Custom fabricated bronze
door and hardware
Machined brass strike plate installed in stone
Blackened steel radiator cover Custom fabricated stainless steel wine cellar wall Stainless Steel Custom Wine Cellar
Blackened steel radiator cover Custom fabricated stainless steel
wine cellar wall
Custom stainless steel wine cellar
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