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Metal Craft embraces modern as well as traditional techniques for making custom wood and metal architectural pieces. With a sharp eye for detail and the experience of a master artisan Metal Craft produces some of the finest custom products available to date.


There was a time when all architectural parts were custom made and in these days of pre-fabricated parts and limited design choices it is refreshing to have options to create and manufacture custom hardware, stairs, window systems, counters, signage and industrial equipment. There is almost no limit to what can be produced with a combination of old world craftsmanship and modern tools.

The Craft

Here at Metal Craft we think of our work as a craft, something that has to be worked at to be good. We have years experience in custom metal and wood manufacture. This may seem like to ends of the spectrum but actually work hand in hand especially when making custom hardware based on architectural drawings and specification. We combine wood and metal to make work of art for homes and businesses who require custom work.

Review our portfolios by following the links listed below to see projects from architectural metal fabrication to custom hardware and the manufacture of custom industrial consoles etc. Please contact us of you would like to discuss our capabilities or your project.

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