Co-founded by Jason Buchta and Dan Bates in 2011, MetalCraft has constantly evolved to suit the needs of our clients and the ever-changing design environment.


Like an original piece of art, everything we produce is completely custom. Whether for a door, wine cellar rack, or staircase, each element is carefully designed and constructed.

We maintain a complete metal processing and fabrication shop, and though our name may not suggest it, we also have a full-service woodshop that allows us to turn rough-sawn lumber into virtually anything.

With a focus on quality, integrity, and precision, let us bring your project to life.

What started as a custom metal shop has organically grown into a complete fabrication facility, capable of producing all things metal and wood. From furniture and architectural products to structural components and weldments, we have produced fine pieces for residential homes, commercial spaces, industrial businesses, and more.

Most recently, we’ve expanded our services to include custom wine cellars, racks, and display systems for upscale homes, restaurants, and hotels throughout the world.

At MetalCraft, we are focused on our clients, the details, and the products we create. With the goal of providing both hand-crafted and machine-precision products, we are committed to integrity, professionalism, and careful craftsmanship.

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Ask any of the longstanding relationships we have built with so many of our clients…we make the process of bringing your vision to life enjoyable and rewarding.

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