Makers of Beautiful & Unique Architectural Wood & Metal Products

While we may have started as a metal-based shop, we’ve organically expanded into a full woodshop, and most recently, wine cellar innovations. Our team is well-versed in so many areas of fabrication, machining, and finishing that we can manage projects independently, but also collaborate to achieve an exceptional final product.

Here at MetalCraft, we take great pride in working with architects, designers, engineers, and building managers to prototype or fabricate their designs into reality. Through years of hand-on design and production experience, we can focus on the unique details that make craftsmanship great.

CT Experts in Metal & Wood

We work with specialty metals including brass, bronze, aluminum, steel, stainless steel and titanium. We also fabricate using domestic and exotic hardwoods and specialty plywoods and plastics such as PVC, polypropylene, kynar, ABS.

We maintain and operate a complete machine shop with CNC and manual equipment capable of turning and milling metals, plastics and wood, to complete projects from design to finish.

Don’t have a design already? There’s no shortage of creativity here! We’re able to provide full design services ourselves. There is very little that can’t be created in-house…and what can’t be is backed up by our network of like-minded craftsmen.

No project is too small or large for our skilled team!

We Specialize In


As a custom metal fabrication shop located in Bantam, CT, we work with precious metals such as brass, bronze, copper, zinc, and stainless to create truly unique pieces.


Seeing the need for a skilled woodshop, and possessing the knowledge of manipulating natural materials into exceptional pieces, we expanded our services.


Our team provides comprehensive and high end wine storage construction, custom designs, and creative innovations for residential and commercial wine cellar customers worldwide.