Our work is as diverse as the people and industries we serve

As a full-service fabrication facility located in Connecticut, we are proud to service residential, commercial, and industrial clients.

Working with premier builders, designers, architects, facility managers, and the savviest of residential clientele, we all have something in common – a passion for the details.

Whether we’re creating custom door pulls, hardware for cabinetry, or decorative architectural details, we are committed to precision and quality craftsmanship in creating truly unique pieces.





Machining is a core skill set of the MetalCraft crew, and allows for complete and unique attention to detail and hair-splitting precision to complete long lasting and functional products. Additionally, these skill sets translate well into other departments, proving accuracy and repeatability otherwise unheard of in custom shops. On-off and large production runs are often funneled through this department.

A full machine shop is maintained with CNC milling and turning capabilities, as well as a variety of trustworthy manual equipment. This enables us to produce custom parts for architectural projects to give designers and architects freedom to get exactly what they want.

Roll-over into this area has also allowed MetalCraft to contribute to the building sector by fabricating everything from flitch plates and columns to custom Solar Energy systems.

MetalCraft is the last manufacturer in the United States to produce equipment and peripherals, maintain facilities, and provide customer support for the photo engraving industry.

With the goal of delivering our clients with high end products, we constantly critique and update our equipment with the latest parts and technology.

If you have the idea, we can bring it to life!


Visit our contact page and fill out the form, or give us a call to inquire about our line of products and obtain a quote. We’re happy to help!